8" Blower
PN: 72103300
NSN: 4140-01-382-9925

Breathing Apparatus
PN: 92103200

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Part Number: 92103000

NSN: 1740-01-326-0421

PN: 92103400
NSN: 4930-01-383-6410


Stand-by Regulator
& Hose
PN: 92103108
NSN: 4820-01-383-5477

Functional Description:
The unit is designed to purge a fuel cell down to acceptable LEL fume levels in a minimal amount of time using pneumatically driven components. In addition, the unit will provide breathing air for three persons simultaneously and is equipped with a Stand-By Air supply in the event of failure of the drive compressor or the Breathing Air Pump. BIG WINDY requires 100 psi at 250 CFM of compressed air.

Technical Description:
The unit carries two 8" Blowers each driven by a 3 horsepower pneumatic motor. A Breathing Air Pump provides air to three persons. A pressure sensing valve will automatically switch to a Stand-By Air System in the event of drive compressor failure.

Weight: 2800 lbs.

Dimensions: 127.5" Length X 58.25" Width X 74" Height

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